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CareerEngine™, the official SCCJ jobsite

As the official recruitment website for the SCCJ and 12 other foreigner chambers of commerce, CareerEngine attracts talented, bi-lingual, internationally minded candidates looking for new opportunities in international companies.

Refer the Nordic Chamber Job Site here

We welcome you to use CareerEngine as your resource to find the right candidates simply, effectively and economically.

As a member of the SCCJ, and a first time user, you will receive an introductory offer – please contact CareerEngine for details.

Through CareerEngine, SCCJ members can:

  • Post unlimited positions - Post as many positions as you need for a single, discounted fee
  • Instantly post positions across multiple CareerEngine partner sites - Your positions will be posted on all partner web sites, including 12 other foreign chambers of commerce, and listed 24/7
  • Search the CareerEngine Resume Bank Database - Proactively search for candidates using targeted keywords
  • Receive Resume Bank Alerts - Get notified when a new candidates that meets your exact criteria hits the database
  • Reach qualified candidates through CareerEngine's Job Mail - Registered job seekers receive new job updates 3 times a week

Go to the CareerEngine recruiting site:
CareerEngine service description

Contact CareerEngine:
Kevin Holdaway, Account Executive
Tel: 03-5403-7781