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We are happy to announce Wexthuset Japan released New Flower & Green Gift delivery service.”Kruka Tower (Tower pots)” , Swedish vertical plant pot tower with full of Flowers & Green arrangement will be delivered to your important customer, business partner, family, or friends. It is more elegant and great appearance than other flower gifts like orchid. Height is about 100cm in 50x50cm square basement.

We will deliver and settle the pots in ordered venue. Now we are available in Kanto Area, but also other areas can be available, so please contact for detail.

This is planted greens, so long lasting about 1-2 years depends on environmental condition, so after celebration, still the pots can be an interior green to display in the venue. In addition, it is reusable pots, so flowers and greens can be replaced by new plants to grow. We are providing maintenance service as well.

SCCJ Member Seco Tools Japan K.K. kindly ordered several pots, and gave us good feedback and satisfaction. They ordered both in house usage and gift. CEO of Seco Tools Japan K.K. Mr. Tsuruhisa commented,

“Now, I found new joyful moment to take care plants after Kruka Tower came to my office where is full of desks, shelves, and document works. Take caring the plants make me more relaxing and away from difficult tasks. It also gave me new inspiration and responsibility for my job. It is the precious moment when I found a fresh sprouting. Kruka Tower is Great gift or interior staff for office and home with lots of joy.”


Service Detail

5 pots in a set with basement and floor guard.


Standard model  32,500JPY (excl. Tax)

Premium model  62,500JPY(excl. Tax)

(*we can arrange by your budget. 3-4 pots layer also available)

(* Flowers and greens are various depends on season or market)


Free shipping among Kanto Area.

(*outside of Kanto: quote additional shipping charge)


Celebration Card or plate available free of charge








北欧ガーデニングストアのWEXTHUST JAPANはこの度新しいサービスとしてスウェーデン製のタワー型植木鉢を使った生花木の贈答花を始めました。



Kruka Towerは生花木による寄せ植えタイプの植木鉢で、垂直に積み上げるため、場所を取らずにボリュームのあるアレンジが可能です。高さ約1mアレンジは他の贈答花から群を抜いて目立ちます。また、鉢植えなので、お世話をしていただくことでお祝いの用途が終わっても室内のインテリアグリーンとして1-2年はお楽しみいただけます。さらに、中身を入替えることでイメージを変えてお楽しみいただくことも可能です。別途メインテナンスサービスや植替えのフォローも行っております。


すでにSCCJメンバーのSeco Tools Japan株式会社様にもご利用いただいており、自社オフィス用と贈答用でご好評をいただいております。




エレガントで豪華な新しい贈答花Kruka Towerを是非大切なお客さまのお祝いやオフィスのインテリアとしてご利用ください。




STANDARD モデル 32,500円(税別)

PREMIUM モデル 62,500円(税別)